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Meet Carol Marak...

After spending nearly a decade helping her parents with the aging issues, Carol was given a wake-up call, “Who will do for me all the things I did for my parents?”  Taking note of that hard truth, she got on the stick and created a roadmap to guide her to address the inevitable challenges of aging alone.

Carol knows what’s truly needed when a person has only herself to rely  on.

She has presented and taught hundreds of adults how to think about  and take action for acquiring stronger health, connected and supportive  lifestyles, inspiring purpose, more engagement, safe and secure  finances and legal concerns, and more. She’s the go-to authority for the  largest adult population—solo agers. 

Carol holds a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and lives a  thriving and well-connected urban lifestyle in Dallas. 

Outside of her passion for coaching and supporting solos, Carol loves  the outdoors, is an avid walker, and writer. 

She loves exploring the wide-range of possibilities people have to live well into the future!


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