Clarity of Purpose: Lesson 1 in the Mastering Solo Aging Resource Group

Group participants will quickly understand their core risks, what's holding them back, and their willingness to change and move beyond the comfort zone.  It's the first stage of uncovering "your WHY"—which is the first component of creating a future you want. Without knowing one's why, a person loses motivation and willpower which diffuses momentum and moving forward. 

This superpower enables the participant to analyze their strengths and weaknesses objectively. And then, to identify their true interests, and determine what they want to achieve.

Lesson 1 highlights:

Where you are right now—the top aging risk(s).

How will the risk(s) impact your overall wellbeing and lifestyle circumstances? 

How willing are you to move beyond the comfort zone in order to achieve long-term goals and aspirations?

Have a deep sense of knowing what you want and more importantly, have the willingness to do what's needed to attain it? 


At the end of the Lesson 1, the Mastering Solo Aging group members will enhance their clarity and purpose for their personal life plan.

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Carol Marak
Carol Marak LLC