Longevity and the New Journey of Retirement (2022,) a groundbreaking study of more than 11,000 North American adults, largely pre-retirees and retirees, designed by Edward Jones and AgeWave, explored retirement—people’s experience in retirement, and the keys to thriving. Here's what they found:

The Key Elements of Today's Retirees:

  • Value of longevity—29 years to be the length of retirement.
  • Pandemic drove transition, to organize time, and find new purpose.
  • Preparation and financial foresight is central. 

Other elements include: 

  1. Attend to health.
  2. Stay socially engaged.
  3. Gain a sense of purpose.
  4. Manage finances and keep on track.
  5. Be willing to course correct again and again to achieve dreams.

The LIFE PLAN ASSESSMENT designed by me targets all the above elements plus a few more! 

What you will gain from completing the assessment—you'll have a better understanding of which life domain(s) (health, housing and location, social connections, support network, life purpose, faith and spirituality, finances, legal matters, fun and engagement and finding transportation) either positively or negatively influence your future.

Once you know the top risk(s,) you have the opportunity to research and learn specific ways to rectify—to correct and better manage the challenges.  

Life Plan Assessment $19.95  

The Life Plan Assessment Companion Workbook

Introducing the Life Domains Assessment Companion: A Workbook for Holistic Well-being. This comprehensive workbook is designed for the individuals who completed the Life Plan Assessment.

The Companion Workbook will provide valuable guidance across the 10 essential life domains: health, housing and location, social connections, support network, faith and spirituality, life purpose, finances, legal matters, fun and engagement, and transportation.

Through a series of thought-provoking exercises and assessments, this workbook empowers individuals to evaluate and reflect upon their current state in each domain, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and set meaningful goals for personal growth and well-being. With its practical approach and insightful feedback, this Companion Workbook serves as a trusted companion on the journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced future."  

Flip planning from an annoying and frustrating task into an enjoyable journey!! 

Life Plan Assessment Companion Workbook $15.99

Get the Life Plan Assessment and the Companion Workbook (and Save!)

Life Plan Assessment and the Companion Workbook $29.99



Carol Marak
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