Take Charge of the Aging Risks!

Whether married, partnered, or living alone, growing older is filled with complex issues. It's even more difficult if adult children or other family members are not around. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that includes personal planning, community resources, and professional services.

It's a great time to take a serious look at your current circumstances and find out how prepared you are for the coming years.

The goal of completing the Life Plan Assessment is to gain knowledge about your circumstances: to identify your risks and strengths of growing older with limited help, to improve where you can in order to remain independent longer, and to have a life that's fulfilling and purposeful.

By taking the Life Plan assessment, individuals can learn which domains need improvement. Knowing this information will put you ahead of the potential challenges. For example, if you fall short in the health domain, the assessment will pinpoint the specific aspects that need attention—managing chronic illnesses, knowing family medical history, or daily fitness.

Or perhaps, social connections may be the deficiency, the assessment will point to your lowest scoring aspects dealing with social engagement. Once you know, you're empowered to make the necessary changes where it's needed most. 

It's that simple! 

So, take control of your future in 2024 by gifting yourself with knowledge and understanding about your aging risks. 

Life Plan Assessment $19.95


Carol Marak
Carol Marak LLC