Celebrating special holidays is tough to do when solo. 

Know this fact: Being alone over the holidays doesn’t mean you’re unloved or failing at life. Connecting with people is tough right now, and seeing loved ones — especially those who live far away — might not be an option. So, as the holidays get closer, it’s understandable if you’re feeling lonely and alone. 

Growing up, we’ve become accustomed to the nostalgic images of holidays being full of family, food, travel, and quality time. If the picture changes something feels off. And the idea of being surrounded by loved ones is reinforced especially on special days, and when you are alone, this difference in expectation can make you feel quite lonely.

Please know that being alone for the holidays is simply a statement about the circumstances. On many special occasions, I celebrate the day alone and have learned to enjoy it. Here are a few things I do during the day to brighten and uplift my soul.  

Create a self-care day and pamper yourself

Create a “self-care healing day.” Embrace the Danish approach of Hygge: to be warm and comfy, to foster the feeling of happiness, to focus on simple pleasures, and to cultivate more of them in your life. Play your favorite music, prepare your favorite food, or light candles. Focus on what feeds your soul. 

Enjoy the outdoor holiday lights

I enjoy taking additional long walks around my neighborhood at sundown. Christmas where I live is spectacular and I love all the bright holiday lights and decorations. Physical activity boosts my mood but even more so when the homes and yards are brightly lit. Talk about a huge boost to my mood and feelings of well-being!!! I can't help but put aside loneliness. 

Read the article below for more tips about getting the most out of your holidays!

Going It Alone During the Holidays




Have a wonderful holiday season. 

Merry Christmas!

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