Hi Everyone,

I'm checking in to see if you've had a chance to read the Special Report, Your Top 3 Pains and the Solutions for Solo Living and how to overcome them?

Hopefully by now you have read it and discovered your top risk of aging alone!  Years ago, when thinking about my own plan and how best to set it up, I discovered that money was my biggest pain.  I had little in retirement savings and nothing set aside in an emergency fund. To me, finances is central to aging well and my level of satisfaction about the amount I had was unsettling. So I got to work and focused on increasing and saving more!

Anytime we set our goal to make an aspect of our lives better, it takes a lot of effort and attention. But in the long run, it's so worth it. 

What about you?  What did you discover from reading and working the assessment? 

Have you considered the next steps to take for improvement?    

If you're baffled or overwhelmed about which step to take first, I invite you to schedule a 55 minute complimentary Discovery Call with me—let's talk about what's holding your peace of mind hostage. (Click below to schedule.)


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