What does growing older mean to you

“Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” 

There’s so much attention on staying young and many do whatever it takes (even spend thousands of dollars) for a wrinkle-free appearance. There’s nothing wrong with having youthfulness. However, let’s take a different approach to understanding a deeper meaning and appreciation of growing older. 

Over fifty-one years ago, I lost a dear friend (age 21) in a car accident. At the time, she had just married the love of her life. Reflecting back, my friend Kathy never had the chance to advance her teaching career. Nor did she experience the delight and thrill of having children and grandchildren. Kathy was one of the most brilliant young women I knew and death took her chances of acquiring a deeper sense of purpose.  

If you’re over fifty years and believe there’s more to your life, I applaud and encourage you to go for it. In the last few years, while adapting to the isolation and loneliness of the pandemic, I became more spiritual and developed a relationship with God. And from that, I have more resilience, acceptance, and compassion. Plus, the meaning of life is completely different. I have finally put to rest the constant striving. 

Even in my Elder Orphan Facebook group, a member just testified to discovering spirituality and faith. Over the years, I experienced this person to be very crabby. And the majority of his discussions and comments were gloomy. Until recently he posted: How many of you have grown more spiritual and in faith in older age? That certainly took me by surprise. Well, actually it shouldn’t because that happened to me as well.   

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost physical strength, but have grown spiritually. That faith equips me with a deeper sense of purpose. Are you willing to make that tradeoff? 

I no longer fear growing older. Instead,I embrace my aging as a sign that while I lose physical vigor and youthfulness, I’m growing in many other ways and gaining spiritual strength!

What does growing older means to you?






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