Are you recently widowed, divorced, or single? 


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If you're wondering, "Who will look out for me when older?"


You're filled with various emotions & concerns 

Finding a sense of belonging

Coping with emotions of aging alone

Building a network of friends for support 

Making informed decisions

Companionship and understanding

Setting goals that bring joy and meaning

Navigating the journey of rediscovery

Managing finances for security


While these feel overwhelming, with the right support, resources, and guidance, the challenges can be overcome, allowing for a new chapter of life with optimism and resilience.


Grab the free assessment & plan a new life!




An Intentionally Transformed Life




Initially, my struggles were the same, Who will look after me like I looked after my parents?  



I've gained assurance about the future.


Healthy and strong

(Mall walking with neighbor)  


Engage and socialize


(Outings with friends)


Open to new experiences


 (Neighbor I met at a networking event)    


Have the support of neighbors and friends


(Neighbors! My safety-net) 


Enjoy a deep sense of life purpose


(Life purpose: gets me up and moving in the mornings) 


Surrounded by people who care



The promise of possibilities!  


You are capable of creating positive impact.


You can bypass the risks by improving one effect at a time.


You have the ability to create a future filled with optimism and resilience. 


Let light shine on you!


 I need the free assessment to create a new life!!



The Elder Orphan Facebook Group

The group is supports individuals over 55 who live without the help of a spouse, partner, and children.

If you identify with the term, please join The Elder Orphan Facebook Group.

Members: 10,000+ and growing strong! 



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