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Planning for longevity is unsettling because growing older is stacked with complexities and risks. Older age places us in unfamiliar territory and it’s the reason we need a navigation system to negotiate the barriers.

The Life Plan Assessment launches the roadmap by rating your level of satisfaction of the 10 life domains. The domains include health and fitness, housing, social connections, support network, legal matters, finances and money, faith and spirituality, life purpose, finding transportation, and fun and engagement. Starting today, I want to discuss how the domains interrelate.

Let’s start with Health: Good health is foundational to aging well. Neglecting health and wellness can lead to chronic diseases or conditions that require significant medical attention and resources but also limit mobility and independence. This can affect an individual’s ability to live comfortably, engage in social activities, or even manage their financial affairs effectively.

Plot your rewarding path to improved health, affordable housing, more friends and social connections, a faith community, stronger support, a fulfilling purpose, having enough money, and organized legal matters involves evaluation using the Life Plan Assessment.

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I'll circle back in a few days to evaluate the other 9 life domains.

We'll tackle these issues in the Solo and Smart Membership Club

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