Life Plan Assessment: A Proven Process to Identify and Manage the Longevity Risks

Welcome! I'm thrilled that you're interested in the Life Plan Assessment.

You're one step away from understanding the potential issues and challenges that lie ahead. That's huge!!  Finally, there's a process that identifies the aging-related risks—ones that disrupt peace of mind and healthy outcomes. 


You know that in order to create a better lifestyle for the years ahead, you have to make adjustments:

But making changes stops you because you don't know where to start. 

You're afraid of making a big mistake and not recover from it.

Your life is “safe,” as it is. But right now, "safe" feels synonymous with “worry and stress!” 

If one resonates, then I have good news: you're in the right place, and you're not alone.


The Life Plan Assessment

The assessment is a surefire way to evaluate life domains and to determine which carry the topmost hazards. It pinpoints exactly which changes to make and where to start. 

I used the process for my aging alone plan. The time after helping my parents when it hit me, Who will do all the things for me that my sisters and I did for our parents?  

It took years of research but in time, a plan emerged, and so did my book, SOLO AND SMART. Today.. my life is well-connected, supported, and fulfilled.  

Your Roadmap

Plotting a rewarding path is key to living longer, independently, and securely. That path requires good health, affordable housing, social connections, spiritual soundness, a strong support network, a fulfilling purpose, enough money, and tending to legal matters. 

Where I am right now?

Where do I want to be? 

How will I get there? 

Identify the weaknesses & strengths of each domain.   Learn the elements that influence the domains.   Produce a plan of action, one with clear directives.   

Whether solo or married, with or without family nearby, The Life Plan Assessment uncovers the potential hazards of aging. Completing it gives clarity: 

If you are able to stay at home or need to move,

If your health is good and if not, options to improve it, 

If where you live, the location, has available services to meet daily needs,

If you are isolated and lonely—how to increase social engagement,

If you have nearby help and support, 

If your local community has resources,

If you're prepared financially for emergencies,

If the legal matters are organized,

If you have a much needed spiritual connection, and

If you have a purpose. 

*And most importantly, what you can do about one or all of these to live a confident and satisfying life!  

Complete The Life Plan Assessment online NOW. It will evaluate whether you're prepared for the years ahead.    

Life Plan Assessment $19.95


Introducing the Life Plan Assessment Companion

After completing the The Life Plan Assessment, the Companion Workbook is an 87 page, comprehensive tool designed to assist individuals in thinking through the various domain risks and a guided process for improving: health, housing and location, social connections, support network, faith and spirituality, life purpose, finances, legal matters, fun and engagement, and transportation.

This workbook provides a structured framework reflect on current status of each domain and receive feedback on areas that need improvement.

Within the workbook, each life domain is explored through a series of thought-provoking questions and exercises. It is a practical guide offering resources and tips to support individuals in making positive changes.

Complete Package: Life Plan Assessment & Companion $29.99



Carol Marak has designed a life-saving program for many of us who did not realize that the tasks of aging alone are so important. This stage of aging alone is something that has been on my mind even as a child. Almost no relatives, I have used Carol's outline to help me organize many things. I highly recommend this as an opportunity to take stock of one's life before we need things. Preparation for senior hood alone is a curriculum that offers peace of mind.  Single senior in Los Angeles, CA