Life Plan Assessment: A Proven Process to Identify and Manage the Longevity Risks

If you're in search of a tool that will set your life on a trajectory of success, here lies the place.  

No matter if you're single, divorced, widowed, married or in between, the assessment will identify the retirement and aging-related risks—ones that disrupt peace of mind, and healthy and secure outcomes. 




(Few examples of the domains in the assessment)



Plot your rewarding path to improved health, affordable housing, more friends and social connections, a faith community,  stronger support, a fulfilling purpose, having enough money, and organized legal matters. 

Where I am right now?

Where do I want to be? 

How will I get there? 

Identify the weaknesses & strengths of each domain.   Learn the elements that influence the domains.   Produce a plan of action, one with clear directives.   

Uncover the potential hazards:

If its wise to stay in the home you live,

If the location has services to meet daily needs,

If your health is compromised, 

If you are isolated and lonely, 

If you have nearby help and support, 


Find out how prepared you are.    

Life Plan Assessment $19.95




Carol Marak has designed a life-saving program for many of us who did not realize that the tasks of aging alone are so important. This stage of aging alone is something that has been on my mind even as a child. Almost no relatives, I have used Carol's outline to help me organize many things. I highly recommend this as an opportunity to take stock of one's life before we need things. Preparation for senior hood alone is a curriculum that offers peace of mind.  Single senior in Los Angeles, CA