Build a Strong Network of Support

Solos need a nearby support network because for individuals like me, we lack the immediate family support that is typically available in traditional family structures. Without a spouse or nearby children, we could have difficulties in managing day-to-day tasks, making important decisions, and coping with health or financial concerns.

Having a network of peers, neighbors, and friends will provide emotional and social support but can also offer practical assistance when needed.

When creating your network, hone your social skills.

Social skills give you the ability to interact with a variety of personalities, and gives confidence to step out of one's comfort zone.

This includes being open to meeting new people, engaging in social activities, and showing genuine interest in the lives of others.

Check out my Life Plan Assessment. It's a great tool that will help you discover the other areas of life that may require more attention and improvement.



Thanks for reading! Carol

Carol Marak
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