The Life Plan Assessment

Plotting a rewarding path is key to strong longevity, independence, and security as we grow older. That path requires good health, affordable housing, social connections, spiritual soundness, a strong support network, a fulfilling purpose, enough money, and tending to legal matters. 

Applying the Life Plan Assessment

Helps individuals understand: 

Where they are right now—identify their weaknesses and strengths.

Where they want to go—learn and improve the aspects that influence healthy aging. 

How will I get there—produce a plan of action, one that gives clear directives. 

The assessment is a surefire way to evaluate life domains and to determine which carry the topmost hazards. A process that recognizes and identifies a person's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A process that pinpoints exactly which changes to make and where to start. 

This is the same process I used for my own aging alone plan. The time after helping my parents, after the remaining parent died.  It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I realized just how difficult it is to live through older age. I saw firsthand the decline and struggles my parents faced, and wondered, Who will do all the things for me that my sisters and I did for our parents?  

It was the wake-up call that shocked me into reality. 

I got to work and began assessing my life domains. I needed to know which ones put me at higher risks, and which ones were working well. The process required years of research and query. But over time, a plan emerged, and so did my book, SOLO AND SMART. Forward ten years... my life is well-connected, supported, and fulfilled. 

Whether solo or married, with or without family nearby, The Life Plan Assessment gives you a personalized roadmap that helps you manage and improve your circumstances. Completing the assessment you will gain clarity: 

If you are able to stay at home or need to move,

If your health is good and if not, options to improve it, 

If where you live, the location, has available services to meet daily needs,

If you are isolated and lonely—how to increase social engagement,

If you have nearby help and support, 

If your local community has resources,

If you're prepared financially for emergencies,

If the legal matters are organized,

If you have a much needed spiritual connection, and

If you have a purpose. 

*And most importantly, what you can do about one or all of these to live a confident and satisfying life!  

Now, the Life Plan Assessment is available to you. 

Carol Marak
Carol Marak LLC