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Aging Alone: An article titled, Preventing the Elder Orphan Crisis, posted in my Facebook group. Members had a lot to say about it.. not all pleasant either. But for me, this suggestion for beating the risks, "start thinking about preventing a crisis when you still have the strength and energy to do so" makes sense. 

The two major crisis are loneliness and isolation. From experience, I know they carry the potential of a very unhealthy lifestyle. And that's why they need to be avoided. However, living alone 24/7 can be downright lonely and isolating, if allowed. But if we build systems to avoid the culprits, we're better off for it. 

Avoiding Financial Crisis: With concerns about market conditions, unease about retirement is up among women investors. Less than half (45%) of women say they have a strategy in place to protect their assets against market risk in 2023, down from 51% of women respondents who answered similarly in 2022.

Despite fewer women saying they have a strategy in place for retirement, an increasingly large percentage feel that there is no way to properly prepare for a recession, with nearly nine in ten (87%) women saying they can do all the right things to manage their finances but still be blindsided by outside events. (Links to the articles below.)

Health and Finances are Centric in Retirement 

Growing older is complex and confusing. Most people don't know where to begin when thinking about the years ahead. But as the first article suggests, "start thinking about preventing a crisis when you still have the strength and energy to do so," is smart. Getting older puts us in unfamiliar territory and we need a system to navigate the risks. 

After caregiving, I realized (age 55) my life would be a wreck in older age if I didn't take care of my risks: finances, social connections, access to transportation and having nearby support. So, I created the Life Plan Assessment to learn where I fall short. Now, I share with others in similar circumstances. 

The assessment will help evaluate the level of satisfaction of the 10 life domains. These domains include health and fitness, housing, social connections, support network, legal matters, finances and money, faith and spirituality, life purpose, finding transportation, and fun and engagement. The same domains that had tremendous pressure on my parents’ wellbeing.   

It's a roadmap that plots a rewarding path to living longer, independently, and securely. Individuals learn which domain compromises aging well. The sooner one rectifies and manages the liabilities, the chances are greater to age with certainty and confidence. 

Which brings me to an exciting announcement: 


LIVE Webinar on the Life Plan Assessment

Join me in a 30 minute illustration of the the Life Plan Assessment. You will experience an abridged version—answer 5 questions per domain (10 total.) At the completion of the webinar you will have a better idea which ONE puts you at risk. 

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Preventing the Elder Orphan Crisis

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