Are you expecting to face the retirement journey on your own?

Join host Eric Blake and your solo aging guide, Carol Marak, as they tackle the unique challenges of aging without a support network. Discover practical strategies for maintaining independence and confidently navigating solo aging.

Carol shares her journey as a caregiver for her parents, which led her to create a comprehensive roadmap for solo aging. She covers ten key domains: health, housing, legal matters, finances, transportation, social connections, fun and engagement, life purpose, and faith/spirituality. Emphasizing self-assessment and early planning, Carol offers actionable advice for those aged 45 and above.

 Key Highlights: 

  • Understanding Solo Aging: Defining solo aging and its implications for different individuals
  • The Importance of Self-Assessment: Identifying current status and goals for effective retirement planning
  • Ten Key Domains: A detailed look at the areas crucial for aging independently and healthily
  • Proactive Planning: The benefits of early awareness and preparation for maintaining independence
  • Real-Life Example: How one couple overcame their fears and took actionable steps toward better health and social connections
  • Expert Guidance: Resources and tools available to help navigate the complexities of solo aging
  • And much more!

Are You Retiring Soon?

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Thank you for listening! And a big thanks to Eric Blake, CFP, for the opportunity!!

Carol Marak, Solo Ager

Creator of the Life Plan Assessment and the Solo Aging Longevity Plan Workshop 


Carol Marak
Carol Marak LLC